Life drawing 27 Feb 17

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Note to self: 1 and 2 minute poses using brush and one tone. Standing figure 15 minute pose. The tones on the standing figure were too dark. I put the drawing under a running tap to wash off pigment to lighten the tones. Her legs are too short. Will try light underpainting to block in main shapes, leaving highlights white. Cannot make accurate drawing in one go. Need to find a method to make corrections as drawing progresses.


Note to self: I am using the point of the brush like a pencil, I can still see the underlying drawing. I should be using the body of the brush to vary the line and cover more of the toned areas in fewer strokes. Negative painting on her left worked OK. She has her legs crossed I failed to define her left leg adequately.


Note to self: I used big bold strokes using more of the brush to define the curve of her body and although her torso is hopelessly elongated I still like this composition


One thought on “Life drawing 27 Feb 17

  1. Hi Ian, your blog looks great. I am loving the burnt sienna monochromatic studies. I agree with you about the satisfying composition of the elongated figure – she is fully extended and looks relaxed. Great use of darks there too. Love it!


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