Dangar Falls, Armidale NSW

The day after the concert at Peterson vineyards Armidale (Bad Love, Black Sorrows, Diesel, Angels, Jimmy Barnes). And it rained for 6 hours!

Walked into Dangar Falls, just outside Armidale. The spectacular view straight down into a gorge did not look that great in my photos. I also made a quick sketch which had more info. At home I made a charcoal drawing before attempting a watercolour study which failed. I tried to rescue it with some pastel drawing, it still failed. My next attempt worked better but my attempt to increase the perception of depth by adding life size gum leaves failed. This time I managed to rescue the drawing by changing the gum leaves into a tree and foreground rocks with pastels, and adding distant dead trees with white gauche, so this study is mixed media.

Dangar Falls, Armidale NSW
Note to Self: Wish it was all watercolour, but happy with the foreground textures achieved with pastel for the granite rocks. Not happy that the lack of perception of great depth down into the gorge.


2 thoughts on “Dangar Falls, Armidale NSW

  1. I am so enjoying seeing your images and reading your commentary. I love the top half of this landscape and interestingly, this is what appeared in my inbox and then I realised I was viewing only the top half. Love your use of complementary colours – adds such awesome drama.


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