Marion Chapman’s watercolour course 1

Exercise in warm and cool colour schemes

Top:  Ultramarine Blue, Viridian Green
Bottom: Alizarin Red, Viridian Green, Cadmium Orange
Techniques: Wet on dry graduated washes, glazing a second wash and lifting colour to create highlights.
Watercolour on 185gsm Arches rough

I so much enjoyed the first course I attended that this is my second visit to one of Marion Chapman’s 6 week watercolour courses at Oatley 101 Society of artists. if you live in the southern suburbs of Sydney checkout both their websites.

This is week 1 of our 6 week course and the task is to create 2 versions of a landscape from a photo reference, one in cool colours and another in warm colours from a very limited palette, 2 colours for the cool version and 2 colours plus a key colour for the warm version.




3 thoughts on “Marion Chapman’s watercolour course 1

  1. Oh Ian! These are stunning!! Especially the warm version – that cad orange is glowing with warmth and vitality. I love how the dark lines are working so interestingly in the foreground too.


  2. It is awesome! That cad orange is divine!!

    Could I share it onto facebook? How would you feel about that? I would love to share it to Oatley 101 on facebook and onto my artist page too but only if you like that sort of thing. Totally understand either way.



    Kind regards


    Marion Chapman

    Facebook Marion Chapman Artist

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