Marion Chapman’s Watercolour course 5

Balmain house in imagined landscape

Objective: from Marion’s photo and line drawing of a Balmain house, transfer the image onto watercolour paper by tracing it. Paint in the house then set it in an imagined landscape maintaining the perspectives established for the house.
Colours: yellow ochre, Raw Sienna, Ultramarine Blue and its complimentary colour Cadmium Red.
Technique:  I painted the house with an all over wash of  Raw Sienna, then a second wash of the same colour to define the shaded side of the house. Detail was added glazing with tones of Ultramarine Blue.  A wet on wet background wash of Ultramarine blue and Sienna was used for both the sky and gardens leaving a wide zigzag path to draw the viewers eye up to the house. I finished the gardens loosely as I tend to over work fine detail. I experimented with dark tones in the left mid foreground hoping it would not overpower the house. And added a touch of cadmium orange as a highlight near the house. A large unsightly blue blob in the sky I tried to minimise by making it into a tree.

Sadly this exercise brings to an end Marion’s 6 week watercolour course. It has been an absorbing experience and one I look forward to enjoying again. I have learnt a lot, I particularly liked the more complex exercises that ran over 2 weeks and gave me time to absorb and think about what we were trying to achieve.  Many thanks for another great course Marion.


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