Another attempt at ‘On the road to Dunedoo’


During a cycle tour in western NSW we stopped on the side of a dirt road. I took a few photographs of a typical Australian landscape attempting to capture the contrast between the straw coloured wild grasses, and the trees blackened and damaged by past bushfires.


I painted this scene back in January this year four times, none were any good, this was the best of them but I was never happy with it. This week I decided to have another attempt.


I drew in the trees with a black waterproof felt pen following my photographic reference closely as I felt the drawing of the trees was a weak point in my previous attempts. I then used masking fluid to preserve one edge of the trunk as a highlight and added some random light strokes for grass highlights. This gave me a framework on which to construct the rest of my painting with a series of washes and glazes for the foliage and native grasses.

On the road to Dunedoo final version

I am much happier with this revised version
Colours: Ultramarine Blue, it’s compliment Cadmium red, yellow Ochre and Viridian Green on 185gsm Arches rough


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