About Me


I didn’t expect many visitors as my blog is a portfolio with notes I make on my artworks, but if you are interested in my background read on.

Back in the 1960’s I spent 3 years at art school studying fine arts and graphic design. My working life was spent in the book publishing industry, managing art studios and book production. I did not lift a pencil or a paint brush for many years. Recently, being retired I decided to have another go at painting and drawing particularly watercolour as it is a media I know very little about.

In 2016 I joined Oatley 101 Society of Artists inc http://www.oatley101.com/home.html and am a regular at our weekly Life Drawing group

Of all the things I did in 2016 Marion Chapman’s watercolour course was the best. If you happen to live in Sydneys southern suburbs look her up.

Marion’s lessons are based on big bold brush strokes wet on wet where beautiful washes can happen spontaneously. Marion covered a great number of techniques and introduced me to a number of interesting artists works that I would never have found by myself. Two in particular are:

Stephen Quillar and his colour theory

Ann Brockley and her Experimental Landscapes, Ann puts watercolour on paper under cling film, baking paper, bits of card and plastic and lets it do its thing.

That is it, thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoyed my blog

Ian Coles