Life Drawing 27 March 17

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I enjoyed drawing with charcoal on Kraft paper at last weeks session and decided to persevere with this medium for a while in Life drawing.

15 minute, seated figure from the side

Note to Self: Her chin is bit too long, but I think I captured her relaxed pose and finely modelled features.

15 minute, seated figure rear view

Note to self: There was quite a bit of spinal twist in this pose which was difficult to capture. My drawing of her left arm is not the best but overall I am quite pleased with this one, and the above image. A bit more sensitive drawing than last weeks effort.


Life Drawing 20 Mar 17

Using charcoal on Kraft paper this week as it is easier to draw and erase to correct errors as the drawing progresses. I have not found a way yet to correct a watercolour figure painting. My plan is to make a watercolour painting later using a charcoal drawing as reference.


A series of 3 by 2 minute sketches


Note to self: Happy with the vertical leg but not the drawing of his foot


Note to Self: prone leg not working but happy with the rest of the drawing


Watercolour from above charcoal drawing

Note to self: I soaked the paper thoroughly all over with a large brush and worked wet in wet using my charcoal drawing as reference. I did not do any preliminary drawing but as the painting progressed I used a pair of compasses to measure the dimensions of the dominant features. First I dropped a puddle of watercolour for his back and another puddle for his head then washed the brush and teased out the puddles of pigment with water. I worked flat, the saturated paper made the colour run and bleed everywhere. I lifted colour and redefined edges continuously  moving from one wet area to another wet area and back again as the colour spread and disappeared. Each edge had to be defined again and again. It made the medium feel very plastic and I could mould it, even changing dark shadows to highlights if needed as the paper stayed wet until the painting was finished with just the one wash.

In summary I don’t think the watercolour painting added anything not represented in my charcoal drawing

Life drawing 27 Feb 17

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Note to self: 1 and 2 minute poses using brush and one tone. Standing figure 15 minute pose. The tones on the standing figure were too dark. I put the drawing under a running tap to wash off pigment to lighten the tones. Her legs are too short. Will try light underpainting to block in main shapes, leaving highlights white. Cannot make accurate drawing in one go. Need to find a method to make corrections as drawing progresses.


Note to self: I am using the point of the brush like a pencil, I can still see the underlying drawing. I should be using the body of the brush to vary the line and cover more of the toned areas in fewer strokes. Negative painting on her left worked OK. She has her legs crossed I failed to define her left leg adequately.


Note to self: I used big bold strokes using more of the brush to define the curve of her body and although her torso is hopelessly elongated I still like this composition

Life drawing 20 Feb 2017


Note to self: Drawing is a bit better, shoulders are too wide, weight is not planted squarely on the dominant foot. Negative painting of left side of figure could be tighter


Note to self: highlights on back and thigh too large, could have used a light wash to better define the moulding. But on the whole not a bad sketch.

Greek and Roman statues in watercolour

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I downloaded photos of Greek and Roman statues to practice figure drawing in watercolour. These figures are drawn with pencil then painted but I want to learn to draw figures with a brush without any underlaying drawing.


Aphrodite bathing
A marble statue of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Sculptor Praxiteles 400 BC.

Note to Self: I like the complimentary colours used to represent the marble and bronze figures. Cerulean Blue + Cadmium red, beautiful granulation from puddles of wash. I think Aphodite is my best of this project.



Fernleigh, Burraneer Bay, NSW 1820-1850 sandstone cottage

Note to Self: It took 3 attempts to get this far, first efforts too much drawing made it look stilted. This is looser but still too tight. Didn’t let the water do it’s thing and make interesting washes of the sandstone bricks.